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Kanom Chan

Growing up, viagra sale kanom chan was only one of two desserts that my older brother would eat. The sweet pandan flavor offered a familiar floral vanilla flavor that resonated well with our Americanized taste buds.

In our last trip to Thailand in December, we comb the markets of Bangkok and tasted kanom chan from as many vendors as possible. The best was delicate but not sticky. The layers were of alternating colors and easily separated for playful eating. The taste of pandan was pronounced yet not overpowering.

So that our friends in the US could enjoy the taste, we hand carried a few samples back (along with 70lbs of other thai treats). But now that they are long gone, what are we to do?

Thanks to the Internet, there are many many options. A search on Yahoo! yields 12,500 results. Google brings back 11,500 hits. Well, that’s actually too many options. Looks like I’ll be spending the next week making a lot of kanom chan. Will report back with the success and failures.

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